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Didn’t Prune Your Lavender This Fall?

Now that we are in the doldrums of winter, we start thinking of spring garden projects and summer flowers. Didn’t get around to pruning your lavender this fall? Not to worry. There is still time. But remember to wait until the last frost has past. Any exposed wood on the lavender plants will be suseptible to frost damage. The best time is early spring, late March or early April

Trim off any dead lavender blooms still on the plant. Take off about 1/3 of the remaining foliage, being careful not to cut into the wood of the plant. Shape the lavender plants into a rounded mound. And come late June or July you should have fragrant, purple lavender flowers! If your lavender is still covered in snow, the snow will help insulate the plants against the cold and frost. Find more lavender growing tips on our Growing Lavender page.

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