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The Bulbs Are Coming!

Boo the gardener here again with a Jardin du Soleil garden and farm update!

Wow! What a week! It feels like spring and not the depths of winter! Those of you who are hardy gardeners will remember the last few very wet, cold, and even snowy years; how different this week has been in comparison!

At the farm this week the bulbs are just popping out of the ground like crazy. The snowdrops have been out for at least a week, so if you have a size 14 boot, like myself, keep a careful eye out there for the fresh life in the garden. We want to invite them to come out and play, not disturb their growth.

As you can see even in your own gardens the shrubs and trees are putting good little buds on… only to be dashed out, of course, by our late frost that always seems to appear in March or April… but still everything is always beautiful.

Happy Gardening.

Boo @ Jardin du Soleil

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