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Planning in the Gardens

Hello again,

This week at Jardin du Soleil, we have been enjoying the new growth. One plant in particular is the hellebores. Growing up in London this plant quickly became a common sight for me, much like Washington and the rhododendron. First introduced by the Roman’s, the hellebores is now one of Britain’s most cultivated plants and is known as the Christmas Rose.

Also, this week we began the planning stage for further planting in certain areas of the garden, including the Rose Garden and the Shade Garden.

Other activities on the farm include working on the pond behind the house. The original pond was small. Pam and Randy had tried to keep fish in it but they have their pond enemies like anyone else; i.e. raccoons and of course the birch tree, which is always dropping leaves or branches.

So far we have pulled out the old pond and deck and are working on the grading and planning for a larger pond. Larger ponds are easier to keep clean because the water circulates more, this will help with the birch tree’s littering. And if they would like fish again, in a larger pond fish could take safe hiding in more places including just in the deeper water. I shall keep you informed as things further develop.

Happy Gardening.

Boo @ Jardin du Soleil

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