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News from the Garden

Hello All,

Sorry about missing you last week, but the Northwest Garden Show was on my ‘to do’ list. Jardin du Soleil owners, Pam and Randy, had volunteered to man the Sequim Lavender Association information booth. It was a long day in Seattle, but I found some unique hostas to add to our collection in the gardens at JDS. One was called the Drinking Gourd, which is apparently a deformed hybrid, and the other was called the T-REX, growing up to three feet tall with eight inch wide leaves. Very cool.

Drinking Gourd Hosta

Back on the farm this week, I have almost finished the pond. The waterfall, filter, and pump are all in. All I have left are asthetics and rockery. And soon Pam can have her fish!

Watch for updated photos! Happy Gardening!


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