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Renew and Refresh with Lavender

SPRING CLEANING SPECIAL! It is just like Spring at Jardin du Soleil Lavender and it is only the last month of February. Our fruit trees and daffodils are already blooming! The lavender is still pretty dormant and this is good as we do not want early flowers. But we are in the mood for Spring Cleaning! So we are making our Lavender Linen Closet gift available at a special price of $24.00 so that you will have all you need to start your spring cleaning. Refresh your linens with our Lavender Dryer Sachets, spritz the guest linens with Lavender Linen Water and put a lavender sachet or two in the linen closet. Renew your lavender potpourri with lavender buds from our last harvest. Put new bars of Jardin du Solell lavender soap in your bathrooms to diffuse the fragrance and put yourself in the mood for Spring and Summer and lavender. Linen Closet Special good through 3/06/10

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