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Lavender and Spittle Bugs

Welcome back to the fields and gardens of Jardin du Soleil.
The sun is out, the weather is warming, and our fields of lavender are putting on shades of purple!

But what is that white foamy stuff on my plants??

Spittle bugs will appear in early spring on your lavender plants and are detected by the white foamy spittle, which is emitted as camouflage! Your plants may appear unsightly but the damage is minimal. Damage may result in twisting or deformation of the leaves and stems. Washing the spittle bugs off the lavender plants may only be a temporary solution, and could result in too much moisture in and around your lavender plant.

We don’t worry about them in our fields, because as the weather warms the spittle bugs will disappear before the flowers bloom.

So relax about the white foamy stuff and look forward to the lavender season to come!

Happy Gardening!

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