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It’s Not Too Late to Prune Your Lavender Plants

Jardin du Soleil Lavender has finished pruning our lavender plants as of a couple weeks ago, but as long as winter frost has not set in, you still have time to prune your own lavender bushes. Winter frost has the potential to damage or destroy your plants if they’re freshly pruned, so if frost has set in, you will want to wait until early spring to prune. Not pruning your lavender plants at all will cause your plants to become leggy, woody, and sprawling.

Trim off any dead lavender blooms still on the plant. Take off about 1/3 of the remaining foliage, being careful not to cut into the wood of the plant. Shape the lavender plants into a rounded mound. And come late June or July you should have fragrant, purple lavender flowers! Find more lavender growing tips on our Growing Lavender page.

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