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DIY Christmas Gifts: Lavender Cleaner

An easy project that you’ll appreciate in the house, or give it as a homemade gift to a friend or family member!

You’ll Need:

1/4 lb. certified organic lavender buds

1 large box baking soda

coffee grinder or mortar and pestle


Grind or crush lavender buds. Mix with baking soda and keep in a jar. We use 1/4 cup crushed lavender to every 3 cups baking soda, but you can alter the proportions to your own preferences. Uses: try sprinkling on the carpet before you vacuum for a fresh scent, use to clean garbage disposals, or set out to capture unwanted scents. Or use however you use baking soda now! (we wouldn’t recommend using this mixture in your baking, however, as our bulk lavender buds aren’t a culinary variety). Enjoy!

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