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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides: The Traveler

Day 4 of our Lavender Gift Guide Series: the perfect lavender gift for the traveler on your list!

There’s a whole host of lavender products that someone will enjoy while traveling. To start with, we’ve put all of our favorite lavender products in a Frequent Flier Pack– all the lavender essentials in handy, check-in bag size. There’s a 2oz bottle each of Lavender Hand and Body Lotion, Lavender Hand and Body Wash, and Lavender Hand Sanitizer. We’ve also included our ultra-moisturizing Lavender Shea Butter and a Lavender Lip Balm. Other lavender gifts the traveler would appreciate are our 4 oz. Lavender Room Spray– a quick refreshment for the “hotel-room smell”. The last lavender products we always keep with us while traveling are, of course, a handful of lavender sachets. They’re perfect for keeping your luggage refreshed, and your clean clothes smelling fresh. We know we’ve kept these lavender products with us while traveling, and we’re sure that the traveler you know would also love these lavender gifts!

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