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Growing Lavender

Lavender PlantsApril through September is the ideal time to plant lavender in most regions. To get your own lavender garden started we offer a large variety of lavender plants for sale in our lavender nursery. Some of our favorites include ‘Grosso’, ‘Provence’, ‘Royal velvet’, ‘Hidcote’ and the Spanish varieties.

The best time to plant your lavender is in the spring or fall. Remember lavender is a drought-tolerant plant, however good irrigation or adequate rainfall is important for new plants and good flower production. Do not over water as too much water will stress lavender. When planting, place plants in a sunny location with well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil (6.0 to 8.0). Add a little lime if the soil is too acidic. Sandy loam is an ideal soil. We add a little bone meal when planting and rarely if ever fertilize the plants. Keep your lavender weed free to ensure healthy plants!

Prune lavender plants in the early spring or late fall after flowering to maintain their shape and keep the plant from becoming woody and sprawling. Prune plants by cutting back about one-third of the plant.

If you want to increase your stock of lavender plants, propagate a few cuttings on your own. Cuttings taken in the spring or fall will do the best. Prepare a potting soil of damp pearlite and sand to start your cuttings. Cut a 2-3 inch sprig from the main stem, leaving a little heel attached. Strip off the lower leaves and dip the stem in a rooting compound. Press the cutting into the potting mixture and place in a protected, warm sun-filled room. Keep the cutting moist. Once rooted, moving them outdoors for a few hours each day should harden off cuttings. Once the cuttings have reached 3-4 times their original size, plant in the garden in a sunny well-drained location.

Once you have developed a passion for growing lavender like we have or just want to know more about this wonderful herb, we highly recommend The Lavender Lover’s Handbook by Sarah Bader. This is our bible for growing lavender. This book provides a wealth of information on lavender with color photographs of hundreds of plants for identification.