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Oil Distillation

Jardin du Soleil Lavender Essential OilsThe essential oil of lavender is produced using an extraction method known as steam distillation. Lavender is usually harvested in the morning and allowed to partially dry for a few hours before loading it into distillation vessel. At Jardin du Soleil, we use a 100 gal., food-grade, stainless steel pot which is used only for distillation of organic lavender. When full, the pot is sealed, and low-pressure steam is introduced into the bottom of the vessel.

The steam literally boils the lavender essential oil off the plant material as it works its way up through the charge. The steam exits the vessel through the lid and is fed through the condenser. Cold water running through a coil in the condenser cools the steam, returning it to a liquid form called the condensate. This is subsequently fed into the separator. The lavender water known as hydrosol, discharges through a separate orifice situated below the oil surface where it is collected in a separate container. The essential oil, being lighter than water, rises to the surface of the condensate, and is collected in a beaker affixed to the top of the separator. VOILA, lavender essential oil! Using this state of the art steam distillation, Jardin du Soleil Lavender produces the highest quality certified organic lavender essential oil.

We are certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture as a certified organic producer and processor, meeting the standards of the National Organic Program. Our lavender essential oil distillation produces guaranteed pure lavender essential oil, highly fragrant and aged for quality.