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Jardin du Soleil Lavender Festival – 2018 Vendor application

January 21st, 2018 by Jardin Du Soleil

The 2018 Jardin du Soleil Lavender Festival vendor application is now available online.  Follow the links below to download the vendor application and the hold harmless agreement.

Vendor Application 2018   – .doc

Vendor Application 2018   – .pdf


You can return the vendor application along with your check to:

Jardin du Soleil
3932 Sequim Dungeness Way
Sequim, WA 98382

Jungible 2017 is in full swing

July 13th, 2017 by Jardin Du Soleil

We’re back with the 2017 Jungible Summer Music Series. From July 7th through August 4th, Five Friday evening concerts in the fields of lavender and poppies at Jardin du Soleil Lavender Farm in Sequim, Wa. Each night we feature a great musical act, as well as delicious food, beer, wine, cider, and ice cream from local eateries. This community supported event is family friendly and kids 12 and under are free.

To purchase tickets, please make sure you select which night you want to attend or select a season pass (all 5 concerts) for only $60.  You will be notified via email of your confirmation and we will add you to the will call list.  You simply need to check in when you get to the farm.  

July 14th – Dirty Revival – Funk and Soul

buy tickJuly 21st – Olympic Express Big Band – Jazz Blues Motown Rock and Swing

July 28th – Bootleg Sunshine – Fiery folk funk

Aug 4th – The True Loves – Modern Soul

Our process…

March 2nd, 2017 by Jardin Du Soleil

Check out this video that shows what goes into making a bottle of our Certified Organic Lavender Oil.  


WInter News

December 15th, 2016 by Jardin Du Soleil

Well winter 2016 is almost here.  The plants are all put to bed and the farm is almost ready for its winter nap.   This year, like all other years, we have made it easier for you to give your favorite lavender things as gifts, and there is still time before Christmas.  Using the coupon code “gratitude” on our online store you will get 10% off your entire order, and if you spend more than $50 you will get free shipping.   

We hope you have a great holiday season, and a Happy New Year!!  We look forward to seeing you out at the farm when things warm up a bit. 🙂

Friday Night Music at the Farm

May 27th, 2016 by Jardin Du Soleil

black print

The 2016 Jungible Summer Sessions. Five Friday evening concerts in thie fields of lavender and poppies at Jardin du Soleil Lavender Farm in Sequim, Wa. Each night we feature a great musical act, as well as delicious food, beer, wine, and cider from Pacific Pantry, and ice cream from Vikings Feast Ice Cream. This community supported event is family friendly and kids 12 and under are free. Tickets are available for each show or a season pass can be purchased prior to July 8th. Part of the proceeds will benefit a different local non-profit organization.

Heres the lineup…

July 8 – Worlds Finest
July 15 – Malcolm Clark Band
July 22 – Rabbit Wilde                                                                                                                 buy tick
July 29 – Bootleg Sunshine
August 5 – Blue Rooster (with Cort Armstrong)

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions…

Yes-You may bring a low back chair
No- Please leave pets at home
No- Outside food and drink is discouraged. Food, and drinks are available at the show.
Yes -Kids 12 and under are free!

Show starts at 7pm

more information at

buy tick

2015 Sequim Lavender Driving Guide

May 22nd, 2015 by Jardin Du Soleil

We are excited to share with you our 2015 Farm Tour Map. This year we have created a driving guide that highlights the Sequim Dungeness Valleys best lavender farms. This map is a great resource all summer (and all year) long. It not only highlights Sequim Lavender Weekend (July 17th-19th), but also has a page dedicated to many of Sequim’s annual events. It also features ads and locations of the great local businesses that support our farms.

Click here for a printable copy of the map.

2015 Sequim Lavender Driving Guide

The map is also available at any of the farms, the Sequim Visitors Center, and most of the business listed inside.

(as a side note that we are quite proud of…The new brochure/map just received big kudos from our local distribution channel of Certified Folder! They were so impressed that they submitted it to their head office for entry into the Int’l Assn of Professional Brochure Distributors’ design competition.)

Thanks to Andrew Hill for the great design work.
Andrew Hill
P H A R O S Creative, LLC

Something to look forward to…

January 21st, 2015 by Jardin Du Soleil

If the winter doldrums are starting to set in, then here is something to look forward to.


Now accepting vendor applications for 2015 Sequim Lavender Farm Tour

December 15th, 2014 by Jardin Du Soleil

This year Jardin du Soleil is throwing a “Lavender Fiesta”.  Inspired by the annual celebration from Farmer Paul’s hometown,  Santa Barbara, CA we are bring a little Latin flavor to our farm for the weekend.  We will be featuring latin themed music, amazing food and drink (voted the best in western Washington) and other surprises.  Please join us for a celebration unlike any that Sequim has ever witnessed!


Our vendor applications for the 2015 Sequim Lavender Farmers Association Farm Tour are available now by clicking here…

Vendor Application 2015

Lavender Oil: Sometimes, all is not quite what it seems!

October 28th, 2013 by Jardin Du Soleil

reproduced with the kind permission of Alastair Christie at Jersey Lavender

They say that “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing”. I was trawling a few lavender related blogs and came across one that was doing a fantastic job of promoting enthusiasm for lavender and it’s uses, but it seemed that some of the information was only “half the story”, and prompted me to put my experience into this post.The theme was about how lavender oil is often mixed with synthetic aroma-chemicals. This may come as a surprise to many, but, I’m afraid that it is true. However it does need explaining a bit more fully, and after 12 years in the fragrance & essential oils industry and now 9 years of running Jersey Lavender, I know a thing or two about these matters…..

If you buy lavender oil for home use, I’m sure that you would want to buy a pure, natural lavender oil – the pure steam distilled extract from the lavender flowers. However I have no doubt that in some of those small bottles on the high-street or E-bay this is not what you are going to get.

The driving force for the production of essential oils is the fragrance industry that uses by far the majority of the world tonnage produced. The fact is that the fragrance industry doesn’t particularly care about naturalness. What it cares about is price, constancy of the fragrance (and price) year to year and the quality of fragrance (for the price). In order to achieve this, synthetic aroma-chemicals are frequently blended in by essential oil traders to the natural oils: in the case of lavender, usually linalyl acetate and linalool, but other synthetic aroma-chemicals as well, all of which occur naturally in the lavender oil anyway. Through this process the price of the natural oil comes down (the synthetic aroma-chemicals are cheap), and any variations in crop year to year can be evened out.

The general result of this policy is that a perfumer has access to a range of qualities of lavender smelling ingredients at different prices – from the expensive, natural, high-altitude oil, to a cheaper blended oil, as described above, and even to a lavender-smelling oil that has never seen a plant in it’s life (it is entirely made up of synthetic aroma-chemicals). Depending on what the perfumer is trying to achieve, this will lead them to use a particular quality of oil – select the right tool for the perfumery job.

(As an addendum here: you sometimes come across “lavender 40:42″. This is a good quality perfume grade of lavender oil, but is not suitable for aromatherapy. It has synthetic aroma-chemicals added so that the %s of two key ingredients come up to 40 and 42 %. It is a perfumery “standardised” oil. If an aromatherapy website mentions this, don’t buy anything from them – they don’t know what they are talking about).

To my mind none of this is wrong when such blended oils are being used as an ingredient in a complicated perfume that is ending up in a shower gel, or cheap soap. Where it IS definitely wrong (and I’m sure you’ll agree) is if it ends up in a little bottle labelled “lavender oil”. How does this happen? I suppose like many things through a combination of ignorance or “sharp practise” on the part of the seller or buyer of the oil.

So what does all this mean for people buying lavender oil to use at home? Well it means that many may be buying the wrong quality of oil. So, my top tips for buying the right quality of lavender oil are:

1. Yes, if it is cheap, it probably is a cheap, blended oil. I’m always staggered at how low the prices are on E-bay!

2. Always look for a botanical name on the bottle. If it just says, “essential oil of lavender”, or “oil of lavender” do not buy it. Look for something like “Lavandula angustifolia” on the bottle. This tells you that the company marketing the oil at least knows that there are different qualities of oil from different species of lavender. It also means that you are less likely to get a blend of different types of natural lavender oils – if you open any aromatherapy book it is the Lavandula angustifolia that you’ll read so much about, so this is the one that you will likely want to buy.

3. Ask questions. If the seller won’t or can’t tell you where the oil came then from don’t buy it. You want to buy from sellers who know their merchandise, not some disinterested large company only focusing on taking your money.

4. Buy directly from an actual grower/distiller. With lavender this isn’t difficult as there are now lots of smaller lavender farms growing and producing their own oil. Their products may not be on your high street, but search the internet and you’ll find passionate lavender farmers who will be only too happy to tell you about their oils, and many have a mail order service. This approach also cuts out the “middlemen” who are all taking their slice.

5. Use your own instincts. We are all blessed with a vital piece of equipment – our noses. Hopefully we also have some commonsense as well! Use them both and if it doesn’t seem right then buy elsewhere.

Clallam County Farm Tour

September 12th, 2013 by Jardin Du Soleil

We are honored to, once again, be part of a great 17 year tradition. Come visit 8 unique farms representing the past, present, and future of agriculture in Clallam County.

Join us on the 17th Annual Clallam County Farm Tour, October 5th from 10-4.

Our tour showcases a  diverse array of farms, including an organic lavender farm, a diversified organic vegetable farm, a cattle farm and riding school,  a tree farm and organic orchard, a historic centennial farm, and a raw milk dairy. This year’s theme is “Clallam Agriculture: Then and Now” with each stop on the tour featuring displays, demonstrations and activities about what farming was like in the past century-and-a-half and what it looks like now. There will be fun for adults and children alike: great food, live music, and lots of great family activities. This year the Farm Tour is teaming up with the North Olympic Fiber Arts Festival and the Museum and Arts Center to feature exhibits in downtown Sequim at the festival headquarters.Visit The tour is sponsored by WSU Clallam County Extension and the North Olympic Land Trust.


Click here for more info.

Jungible Music Festival

June 13th, 2013 by Jardin Du Soleil

On August 24th, 2013 we are excited to be hosting the first annual Jungible Festival.  This event will bring great music, delicious local food, art, and vendors to Jardin du Soleil for the first of its kind event on the Olympic Peninsula.  Please see for more information.

Distillation Celebration

June 13th, 2013 by Jardin Du Soleil

Welcome to the first annual Distillation Celebration at Jardin du Soleil.  This year we will be extending the lavender excitement to the weekend of August 31-Sep 1, 2013.  Come learn how we distill the essential oil that we are famous for!  There will be several demonstrations daily, and other educational opportunities.  Keep posted for more details.


Jardin du Soleil Photographers Evening 7/17

June 13th, 2013 by Jardin Du Soleil

Calling all professional and hobby photographers.  This year, just prior to the lavender weekend, we are opening our farm “after hours” for photographers.  This most likely will be the only time the farm will be open to photographers outside of of our normal business hours of 10am – 5pm.  Come capture the Jardin du Soleil experience on July 17th, 5pm until dark.




Tour de Lavender

June 13th, 2013 by Jardin Du Soleil



Experience a true Cyclists’ Weekend! Cycle the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula and tour the world-loved Sequim Lavender Farms on a unique metric century ride.

Bringing the family? Everyone can participate in the Family Fun Ride on Saturday and/or Sunday. Starting from the Sequim Ride Headquarters, explore the Olympic Discovery Trail, the Sequim-Dungeness Valley, and Sequim’s world-loved heritage lavender farms


Click here for more info.

Brunch in the Blooms

April 25th, 2013 by Jardin Du Soleil

Beat the crowds of Lavender Weekend and join us for brunch in the fields of newly blooming lavender.  We have teamed up with Sequim Fresh Catering to offer this unique and delicious experience.   On Saturday July 13th at 10am, come enjoy a buffet as you visit our garden of the sun.

For details and tickets click here!

Plants for Sale

April 9th, 2013 by Jardin Du Soleil

We just received a great variety of plants for sale, just in time for spring planting!  We have 4 inch and 1 gallon plants. Melissa, Sachet, Munstead, Hidcote, Folgate, Provence, Grosso, and Royal Velvet. Happy planting!!  (available at our farm store only.)

A great new post from a new lavender loving friend

March 20th, 2013 by Jardin Du Soleil

Lemon Lavender Scone Recipe Tutorial Baking 4

Here is a great Lavender Lemon Scone recipe for spring!

Click this link to see the post

A More ‘Green’ Lavender Farm

December 21st, 2012 by Jardin Du Soleil

While Jardin du Soleil has always been dedicated to sustainable and organic farming practices , since we moved to the farm we have continued to make small changes in order to help protect our local and global environment.

This year we contributed to the North Olympic Land Trust  (NOLT), working to preserve our local farmland here in Dungeness.  In fact most of the land that you can view from the farm is protected and will remain that way forever.  In order to help their cause, we participated in the 2012 Harvest Tour and hosted booths from NOLT, the Master Gardeners, and Master Composters.

Further inspired by other business’ dedication to protecting our environment, we have made some changes to both our online and retail stores.  Starting Jan 1st 2013, for every product that we sell we will contribute to save 50 square feet of rainforest.  We will be working with to support their efforts.

Also, After each order is placed, Jardin du Soleil will purchase a corresponding carbon offset so each shipment becomes carbon neutral. Carbon offsetting is a way to counterbalance or compensate for the greenhouse gases produced during shipment. We reduce carbon footprints by supporting projects which remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through  We also ship using recycled or reused packing materials

We are looking forward to other changes that we have planed at the farm, and look forward to seeing you here in 2013.

-The Schiefens


Made in USA challenge

November 15th, 2012 by Jardin Du Soleil

The average American spends over $700 annually on holiday shopping.

If just $64 of this was spent on gifts made in USA, the economic impact would equate to the creation of 200,000 American jobs.

Please visit to take the challenge



Welcome to our new website!

November 8th, 2012 by Jardin Du Soleil

Jardin du Soleil has a new website!!
To celebrate, we are offering free shipping on all orders through the end of the November.  Just use the coupon code “website” at checkout.
Let us know what you think!

2012 Farm Tour – Lunch on the farm

October 5th, 2012 by Jardin Du Soleil

Come out for a fantastic lunch at the farm this Saturday (10-6-2012) Mystery Bay Seafood is serving up some amazing food! 10-4pm

-Grilled fresh Coho Salmon
-Seafood Chowder (both tomato and cream based)
-Seafood Pasta
-Marinated Flank Steak
-Steamed Clams and BBQ’d Oysters
-and Hot Dogs for the little ones!

Bring a blanket and enjoy this amazing fall weather!

2012 Clallam County Farm Tour. OCT 6th 10-4

September 28th, 2012 by Jardin Du Soleil

We are very excited to be included in this years Clallam County Farm Tour. Please come out and visit some amazing farms while supporting a great community event. This year we are joining Nash’s Organinc Produce, The Dungeness Valley Creamery, Trade Wind Alpacas, Freedom Farms, and Lazy J Tree Farm in this fun family friendly event.

Just some of the events planned for our farm include:

Lavender essential oil distillation demonstrations

Lavender processing demonstrations (on our new handmade debudder / cleaner)

Kids crafts

Self tours of our fields, gardens, and garden maze

Great food from Mystery Bay Seafood

Master Gardeners of Clallam County to answer any of your gardening questions

Master Composters of Clallam County to answer your composting questions

and much more…

Hope to see you here!

downloadable printable tour map here

2012 featured farms

2012 Farm Faire Posters and Early Bird tickets

June 8th, 2012 by Jardin Du Soleil

Hi Lavender Lovers,

We wanted to let you know that we have the 2012 Sequim Lavender Farm Faire Posters for sale in our farm store and our online store for just $ 10. You can get them by clicking here.

Early bird tickets for the Farm Faire are just $10 as well. That is a savings of $5 per ticket if you buy early. You can get them by clicking here.

(this was posted in a earlier post but we thought we’d make a separate post for clarity, sorry for the duplication)

Lots going on here at the farm.

June 7th, 2012 by Jardin Du Soleil

We are well into spring and there is a lot going on here on the farm. We are just a few short weeks away from Sequim Lavender Weekend and happy to be part of the 2012 Farm Faire. We have this years poster available for sale online and in our shop, and $10 “early bird” tickets for sale by clicking here. Make your plans to be here, it’s going to be a fun weekend! You can view this years brochure HERE. If you would like to volunteer to be part of “Team Jardin” this year let us know at or click here.

Your ticket gets you access to all the special events that are taking place on 7 Sequim Lavender Farms.

On our farm you can expect great music, local food and wine, you-cut lavender, essential oil distillation demonstrations, glass bead making demonstrations, beautiful gardens, a garden maze, lavender ice cream, lavender paraffin hand massage, several local vendors with unique items for sale, adult and kids craft making, games for the kids, a petting zoo, and on Saturday the Sequim Valley Car Club will have several of their classic and antique vehicles here on display. We will also have a professional photographer who will take your photo in our fields (with your camera). And for those who have a few minutes to spare, we have a very unique opportunity to have your portrait painted in our fields, by a great local artist.

If you can’t make it our for the Farm Faire, you can come by anytime to experience what the farm has to offer. Come visit our shop and check out our new handmade products, come stroll the beautiful grounds and gardens, get lost in our garden maze, visit our new chickens, or just pull up a chair and relax in our fields of lavender. We are open everyday from 10-5 through the summer.

Jordan, Paul, Jack, and Lucca look forward to seeing you all!

Sequim Lavender Weekend

January 30th, 2012 by Jardin Du Soleil

Welcome to Sequim & the World of Lavender

The Sequim Lavender Farm Faire brings together 16 years of lavender traditions in Sequim, Washington during the Sequim Lavender Weekend, July 20-22, 2012. Discover our world famous Lavender Farm Tour, and the newLavender in the Park. This is not your usual Faire – It is actually 7 festivals in one with more than 60 acres of lavender on 7 farms, more than 80,000 lavender plants in the ground, 200,000 lavender plants for sale, plus crafts, food, beverages, music, workshops, demonstrations, and more. The Sequim Lavender Farm Faire is the premier lavender festival event in North America.

The county-wide Faire includes the Lavender Farm Tour featuring the stunning and iconic destination Sequim lavender farms. Lavender in the Park, our main Sequim festival location, at Carrie Blake Park, becomes yourfree family-friendly central source for all things lavender – all weekend long. This new must-see festival location featuring crafts, food, music, family programs, and space for all, is also the hub for the Farm Tour Buses that connect the farms with the thousands of people who come to visit. The Sequim Lavender Farm Faire is a community sponsored festival organized by the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association, a nonprofit organization.