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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides: Your Daughter or Best Friend

December 6th, 2010 by Jardin Du Soleil

Jardin du Soleil has a wide variety of lavender gift sets that make perfect lavender gifts for your daughter or best friend!

Order by Dec. 15th to ensure delivery before Christmas! We use USPS Priority Mail, which has estimated delivery of 3-5 business days.

Our Bath and Body Gift Set is packaged for gift giving and includes our Lavender Body Lotion, Lavender Hand & Body Wash, our hand-crafted Lavender Soap, and Lavender Bath Salts, as well as our certified organic Lavender Essential Oil. The Lavender Pomegranate Gift Set is also a popular choice, including our Lavender Pomegranate Lotion, Lavender Pomegranate Body Wash, and Lavender Pomegranate Soap- and a portion of the proceeds is donated to Ovarian Cancer Research. Look through all our our Gifts Ideas to find the right lavender gift for your daughter or best friend!

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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides: The DIYer

December 5th, 2010 by Jardin Du Soleil

Day 3 of our Gift Guides for everyone on your list!

Know someone who is so crafty and clever, they’re impossible to shop for? Jardin du Soleil has some lavender products for that DIY’er on your list!

For someone who enjoys sewing, check out our bulk lavender buds: A pound of our certified organic lavender buds makes a great lavender gift that will keep someone entertained with making sachets for a long while! Our certified organic lavender essential oil also makes a great lavender gift for the do-it-yourself kind of person. They can use it to make candles, lotions, potpourri, and even recipes!

12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides: The Naturalist

December 3rd, 2010 by Jardin Du Soleil

Day 2 of our Holiday Gift Guides… Looking for a great gift for your friend or family member who prefers to use certified organic products? Jardin du Soleil has a whole host of certified organic lavender products that are sure to be appreciated!

  • In the Kitchen…Our Certified Organic, Fair Trade Lavender Sugar is a wonderful treat for the tea drinker or dessert aficionado. Our Pink Himalayan Lavender Salt is a wonderful, natural salt renowned for its purity and nutrients, or perhaps our Certified Organic Culinary Lavender is exactly what you’re after.
  • If you’re looking for something For the Home, think about our Lavender Sachets or our Dryer Sachets, all of which are made with our certified organic lavender.
  • Out of our Bath and Body lavender products, our Bathtub Tea is made out of all Certified Organic ingredients, which all are soothing, healing, and beneficial to the body. Our Lavender Shea Butter is made with the purest of ingredients (Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Certified Organic Lavender Essential oil, and cosmetic grade mica for pigmentation) and is very popular with doctors and health professionals. And the best part is how incredibly moisturizing it is… just like our Lavender Cuticle Cream, made with only Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa, Vitamin E, and our certified organic lavender essential oil.
  • If you still can’t find the right gift, what about a bottle of our Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil? We have several different varieties distilled, including Super, Grosso, and Angustifolia. Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil is such a versatile product… it can be massaged into the temples, dropped on your pillow at night, diffused using a pot of hot water, added to home crafts, products, or potpourris, and our Certified Organic Angustifolia Lavender Essential Oil can even be used as a culinary oil! A little goes a very long way though!

We hope this helped you narrow down the gift search… Stay tuned for our Day 3, Gifts for the Do-it-Yourself person!

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DIY Christmas Gifts: Lavender Recipe Cards

November 28th, 2010 by Jardin Du Soleil

A simple project that’s perfect for stocking stuffers or simply a little extra something in your Christmas gifts! Easily make recipe cards with your favorite lavender recipes, attach a sample of our certified organic culinary lavender, and your friends and family can find the joy of cooking with lavender! Read the rest of the blog for a special BONUS!

You’ll Need:

1 jar Jardin du Soleil certified organic culinary lavender

1 package mini ziplock bags*

1 package 4×6 index cards, or cardstock


your favorite lavender recipe, or try one of ours


Place several teaspoons of certified organic culinary lavender in a mini Ziploc bag and seal. *You can easily find mini Ziploc bags at craft stores, Michael’s, Walmart- or sometimes I see them at a local bead shop. Write your recipe on a 4×6 index card, staple your Ziploc bag of certified organic culinary lavender to the corner, and Voila! You have a culinary treat for someone special!

BONUS: When you order our certified organic culinary lavender, we’ll include 10 mini Ziploc bags with your order! Just mention this blog in the “message to seller” box during checkout!

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DIY Christmas Gifts: Lavender Heart Sachets

November 28th, 2010 by Jardin Du Soleil

Looking to make some of your own lavender Christmas gifts this year? Why not make your own Lavender Soap Sachets! Our Lavender Soap Sachets are very popular in Jardin du Soleil’s lavender gift shop, and are sure to be a hit with your friends and family. And you can find nearly everything on our website!

You’ll Need:

4 oz. Certified Organic Lavender Buds

6 Lavender Heart Guest Soaps.

6 organza sachets*

optional: cardstock


Place a small handful of lavender buds in a sachet bag (*easily found at any craft store or Walmart), drop in a Lavender Heart Soap, and tie. Voila!

For a special touch, write little notes to your loved ones on cardstock, punch a hole, and tie it to the Lavender Heart Soap Sachet. Some ideas: “Made for you by ___” “Made with Love” “Thinking of You” or even simply “Merry Christmas” or “To ____, From ____” If you’re sending a package to relatives, why not use a Lavender Soap Sachet instead of a bow that can get crunched in the mail!

However you choose to give your Lavender Heart Soap Sachet, the recipient is sure to love it!

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November 27th, 2010 by Jardin Du Soleil

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Make sure you stock up on lavender gifts for this Christmas Season! Perfect for family, friends, and all your loved ones… or perhaps even a special treat for yourself. Our certified organic lavender essential oil goes into many of our locally-made products, bringing you a delightful experience every time you use our lavender products. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for great lavender Christmas gift ideas, or sign up for our newsletter to receive our news and promotions regularly!